Spelsöndag: International Board Gamers

19 maj 2024, kl. 11:30 - 16:30

Let's meet new people and play board games with International Board Gamers!

Var: Världskulturmuseet
Pris: Included in the membership of the museum (170 SEK/year) Free entrance for all participants under 19.
Ytterligare information: Please, note that the language of this gathering is English, to ensure that people from every horizon can participate.
Plats på museet: Seminar room: 2, 3 & 4


You like board games no matter the form? You wish to meet new people while doing something fun? Or you're looking for players to try out that brand new game you just bought or to play this old one you love? Whatever your reasons, welcome to International Board Gamers!

We will be playing board games at the Museum of World Culture a couple of Sundays this spring.

To simplify the matchmaking, it's good to be there in the first hour or two of the event, but feel free to also drop-in whenever you can and we will do our best to find game partners for you. Then leave when you've won enough times (or are sick of losing!)

Feel free to bring your own games if you want to!


About the International Board Gamers association in Gothenburg

The purpose of the association is to meet new people and make friends, especially with people from various corners of the world. They do this by organizing events related to board games and tabletop games. Any type is welcome: from those that only take 10 minutes to those that last several hours, co-operative and competitive, cards, strategy, hidden-role games, from those that are played with only two players to those that gather a whole crowd! 

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