Museum shop

The World Culture Museum's stores offer a carefully selected and hand-picked assortment from all over the world. Craft and sustainability are the focus and we are happy to work with close relationships with manufacturers around the world. That is why you will find genuine products with us. You are warmly welcomed, come and botanize among our goods or settle down and browse our books, we would love to be your extended living room!

Museum shop


In addition to the museum shops, The Museums of World Culture now offer a selection of items that are purchasable online. 
Please note that shop is currently only in swedish and we are not offering international shipping.

The webshop

The store's range moves between cultures and continents, past and present, about creativity and reflection. We like gadgets that raise thoughts about what it is like to be human, together or by ourselves. Sustainability and fair trade are a matter of course in the store. Everything also has a story that we are happy to tell. Stir in our homemade honey in a cup of tea or in a dessert. With us you will also find Aleppo soap (from Syria), a natural soap with berry oil that is both healing and antibacterial. Gild your everyday life with humour in the form of e.g. Jan Stenmark's ironic and ingenious comments - we have his pictures as magnets, posters and postcards. In our bags sewn by our former advertising banners you can pack everything you need for upcoming adventures - reuse and fun in one!