Camera surveillance in the gallery

The mission of the the Museums of world culture (NMWC) is showcasing and bringing to life the cultures of the world, particularly those originating outside of Sweden. To honour that mission and maintain the possibilities to produce and host interesting and suspenseful exhibitions, both external and internal security demands need to be met to ensure a safe environment for the objects as well as our staff and visitors.

As part of the security system, the museum operates a CCTV-system, through parts of the facility. Throughout the time the exhibition Kimono – Kyoto to catwalk is showing, the camera surveillance system cover the gallery in full, and all the objects within.

The museum hosts and security staff can monitor the images in real time, but the recorded material is only accessible to the security staff of the museum and saved for a limited amount of time. It is only examined if an incident occurs or at the suspicion of criminal activity.

The operation of the CCTV is approved by and in line with the stipulations of the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection