Exhibition Black Thread

Black thread

Black Thread follows the ancient textile traditions of West Africa to some of today’s most talked about fashion creators. The thread ties the cultural link between gems from the Museum of World Culture’s collection of vintage kente and wax print to the use of these same traditional weaving techniques and patterns in the contemporary design and identity of streetwear brand Marché Noir and haute couture brand Imane Ayissi, both based in Paris with international reach.

The exhibition further investigates the tensions in the worldview of wax print as the quintessentially “African” textile.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Museum of Ethnography, Art Comes First, the French Institute in Sweden and Just Africa.

Black Thread is part of Ongoing Africa – an exploring- and method developing dialogue project aimed to enhance new perspectives on the African continent with and by Swedes of African origin. Part of the Black Thread exhibition will be displayed in Stockholm at the Museum of Ethnography.

Black Thread opens October 10 at the Museum of World Culture.